Custom Jewelry Design/CAD Design

Custom Jewelry Design is a one-of-a-kind piece of fine jewelry that is changed from an original piece of jewelry by doing one of the following: changing the stone, mounting  style, gemstone type, gemstone size, or changing the entire design of the piece of jewelry. The alteration is based on the buyer's specific wishes. Prices on custom jewelry depend on the type of custom job. Estimates are given at the beginning of the job creation.

Cleaning/Inspection of Jewelry

All jewelry purchased through our store is cleaned and checked free of charge. Jewelry is placed in an ultrasonic cleaner and soaked, then high pressure steam is used to remove dirt and residue from the jewelry. This process does not use any chemicals and is safe and effective for using on all types of jewelry. During the inspection of the jewelry, prongs are checked and sometimes retipped or replaced, the shank or bottom part of the ring is also checked for breakage or bending.

Watch repair/Battery Replacement

We replace crystals, gaskets, crown/stem in store. We have available a watch repairman who can clean, replace movements, and fix inside gears and change unique sized watch crystals. We replace all types of watch batteries including Fossil, Seiko, Pulsar, Citizen and fashion watches. Batteries are guaranteed for one year, but most batteries last 5 years. We also check the inside of the watch for protection against water and dirt.

Watch band replacement

We carry several styles of watch bands including genuine leather : crocodile, calf, lizard, and others. Stainless steel, rubber,cuff like, and other bands are also available in stock or for order. All bands are replaced in store and most band colors are available to order.

Pearl Restringing



We can engrave almost any piece of jewelry including lockets, knives, wedding rings, and spoon/knife sets.  We have several fonts to choose from including script , block, and monogrammed. Each piece is carefully measured and engraved to last a lifetime.


We offer appraisals for all of our jewelry and most jewelry that is brought to our store.  After the appraisals are finished, we mail two copies of the appraisal to the customer and with the request of the customer, we fax/mail a copy to the insurance company.  Each piece of jewelry is carefully measured and researched to prepare an official appraisal to keep  the jewelry safe.